Community volunteers

The real success of the community based approach lie in village-based volunteers who perform an important role in Navajeevana’s CBR approach.

These volunteers (one per Grama Niladhari Division, which may be a unit consisting of more then one village) play a vital role in early identification of clients, bringing them to Navajeevana, obtaining information from schools, health services and government officials of the need for awareness programmes or field clinics, filling of initial forms and preparing rehabilitation plans for each client with the aid of CBR unit managers and rehab workers and also the maintenance of files of clients.

Volunteers are trained by Navajeevana in all these aspects in a 12-day, residential training programme held twice a year. Each volunteer then spends six months in the field in the CBR team putting the practice the lessons of the training.

Our community volunteers often become involved in other aspects of the organisation, and several of our early volunteers are now working as CBR field officers as paid members of staff at Navajeevana.