Community rehabilitation

Our programme of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) seeks to reach people in some of southern Sri Lanka’s most remote areas. Through a network of community based volunteers we provide a holistic service for people with disabilities. We work with the whole person – from early identification and intervention to full rehabilitation.

CBR is the core programme of Navajeevana and remains at the heart of everything we do.

Despite twenty years of dedicated work by Navajeevana, living with a disability in Sri Lanka is not easy. People with disability face discrimination, stigma and poor services.  Poor infrastructure, scarce services, the legacy of the tsunami and long civil war and  a lack of understanding amongst ordinary people about the prevention and treatment of disabilities mean that despite Sri Lanka’s rapid growth, people with disabilities remain some of the most vulnerable and excluded in society.

Navajeevana’s programme of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) seeks to reach these unreached members of society. The CBR programme has at its heart the ethos that a disabled person experiences the same hopes, fears, worries and pleasures as any other person, and we seek to enable our clients to reach their full potential.

Trained volunteers work alongside Navajeevana’s 40 specialist field officers in the districts of Hambantota and Matara to identify those most in need of our services. This means we can use the most reliable local knowledge to make sure our support is going where it is most needed.

Once identified, our trained field officers work with the client on a tailored rehabilitation plan. This may involve specialist physical therapy services, counselling or support with income generation.

The Navajeevana approach is a holistic one, taking the disabled client right through from early identification to treatment, education rehabilitation, and ultimately to full rehabilitation – where the person is participating equally in a non discriminating society and is economically independent.

This team is supported by a cadre of committed volunteers and family carers.


Where to find us

Navajeevana's rehabilitation centre and head office are in Tangalla. We work across many districts in southern Sri Lanka

We are based in Tangalle, a small town on the main road running from Matara to Hambantota. Come and visit us if you're in the area!