The Navajeevana Centre

At our beautiful premises in Tangalle, we run clinics for people with disabilities, accommodation for people with disabilities and their families, a cafe and craft shop for visiting tourists, and we also have a fully accessible training centre.

The holistic centre for people with disabilities

Navajeevana knows that people with disabilities often need access to several different services.

A stroke patient, for example, may need physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, counselling and help with generating an income in their own community, as well as a comfortable and functioning wheelchair that they know how to use.  We also know that access to these diverse services across southern Sri Lanka is difficult. Sadly, people with disabilities are often denied access to the services they need the most because of poor infrastructure, lack of money or simply lack of awareness about what’s available to them.

Becuase of this, in 2008 Navajeevana opened a fully accessible rehabilitation centre – a“one stop shop” where people with disabilities can access all the services they need under one roof. We are already seeing the benefits of the centre – with children in our schools learning, developing and becoming empowered in their new premises, more and more people accessing our IBR services, and staff working with better equipment in better facilities. Above all, the prestigious location and public face of the centre is a huge step towards upgrading  the status of people with disabilities in Sri Lanka.

Navajeevana Coffee and Craft Shop

VerandahWe are delighted to offer a shop for our local and international visitors. The Navajeevana Coffee and Crafts Shop is at our rehabilitation centre in Tangalla, and provides locally-produced gifts and refreshments just yards from the main coast road. View a map on our about us page.

All the profits from our shop go towards supporting people with disabilities, and many of the products on offer are produced by our beneficiaries and their families.

What’s on offer at the Coffee Shop?

  • Real coffee on the veranda or our historic building, with sea views
  • Home-baked cakes and sweets
  • Sandwiches and toasties
  • Tea served in traditional coconut shells with jaggery (palm sugar cubes)
  • Cool tropical fruit juices, blended on the premises

What’s on offer in the Craft Shop?

  • Hand towels
  • Tablecloths
  • Cushion covers
  • Lace coasters and cloths
  • Coconut spoons and salt cellars

Crafts made by our beneficiaries:

  • Woven cards
  • Hairbands
  • Straw sun hats
  • Handmade cards, including Christmas cards
  • Hand-painted tee shirts
  • Scarves
  • Necklaces
  • Handloom woven cloths
  • Cards Scarves Baskets

Other items of interest

  • Books about Tangalla and Sri Lanka
  • Paintings by deaf artist Nihal Sangabo Dias, both oil and watercolours

About the enterprise

Our shop is a social enterprise supporting Navajeevana Rehabilitation Tangalla in various ways including income generation and skills development for disabled people. The shop was set up with support from Mercy Corps and the Deep South Tourism initiative. For more information, download a brochure about the shop.

The area was badly affected by the Indian Ocean Tsunami, with many local people losing their livelihoods. Navajeevana played an important role in supporting people, including people with disabilities and the wider community.

How do I find the shop?

The shop is in our main centre on the West side of Tangalla (travelling from Galle or Matara) between the Tangalla Bay Hotel and the town.

As you drive along the South coast road you will see the Navajeevana centre on the inland side of the road.

The shop is an ideal stopping off point if you are travelling along the South Coast, between Galle and Hambantota. If you are staying in Tangalla do drop in and see us, buy some memorable gifts and learn more about Navajeevana’s work.

Where to find us

Navajeevana's rehabilitation centre and head office are in Tangalla. We work across many districts in southern Sri Lanka

We are based in Tangalle, a small town on the main road running from Matara to Hambantota. Come and visit us if you're in the area!

Navajeevana centre