Books for disabled children

On the 30th January 2014 a book launch took place at The Winchester, Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This event was held to celebrate and showcase three children’s books that were written for the pre-school age group. Each of the three books were about disability, with each book telling the story of a child’s disability with the clear message that being different doesn’t matter.

Two of the books The Lost Pot of Curd and The Flowered Umbrella were originally written by Hilda Amaraweera in 1997 to coincide with Navajeevana’s tenth anniversary celebrations. They were printed in black and white, with no illustrations and were distributed to local schools and libraries free of charge. However it was decided as part of Navajeevana’s twenty fifth anniversary celebrations to commission a third book to be written and along with the other two books would be printed in colour with illustrations.

The third book My Heart Sings was written and illustrated by the internationally acclaimed Sri Lankan children’s author Sybil Wettasingheree. She was also asked to illustrate the other two books meaning that all three books could be shown together at the book launch. The books were printed and translated into Sinhalese, English and Tamil with the translations being completed by Vijita Fernando.


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