Navajeevana celebrates World Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day celebrated by children in Tangalla, Hambantota District, was a great success! This day was planned by children, for children from all walks of life. This event will remain in the memory of the general public and children who took part, for many months, and many years. Children at Navajeevana

The day started at 8.00am with a parade in which schools from the area, school for the deaf and blind, orphaned and tsunami affected children, children in probation and child care and over 100 from Navajeevana’s schools for special children participated in a very impressive display of inclusion and focus on Child Rights for the first time.

The parade started from the town center with children carrying 2 Banners, demonstrating Child Rights at the head of the parade. The Police Department guided the parade through the busy main road; Hambantota-Matara until it entered the Navajeevan premises. All the children of the participating schools showed their talent in music and dance taking every one by surprise. The onlookers and people who were passing by stood by the way-side, took photographs, and encouraged the children by clapping, waving hands etc. It was great fun, as well as a solace to watch children performing brilliantly with pride and courage. Many children carried posters on Child Rights designed and painted by themselves. This may have created at least some degree of awareness among the adults whose consciousness and sensitivity matters a lot in protecting child rights. All banners, posters, placards carried by the children in the parade were displayed in the Navajeevana grounds to be observed by the guests.

The colorful parade was welcomed at the entrance of Navajeevana by children of the Organizing Committee. Children, specially the younger ones were tired at the end of the parade and thanks to the Police Department they were treated to refreshments of their choice.


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